The Individual’s Role in a Team

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You can’t have a team without first having a collection of individuals. But a team is more than just the sum of its parts. Effective team members go beyond themselves and their personal desires and goals. If you want to be an effective team member, your challenge is to put the team first–which means maximizing your contributions to help the team accomplish its purpose. In this course, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to help you become an effective and valued member of your team. First you’ll explore ways for adopting a positive approach to being on a team. Then you’ll learn strategies that will help you create a successful team experience for everyone on the team, including yourself.

Target Audience

Project team members, team members, staff members, team leaders, group leaders



Expected Duration

210 min.

Course Objectives

Adjust Your Outlook

  • recognize the benefits of adjusting his or her outlook on teams.
  • match the strategies for developing and maintaining a positive mind-set about the team experience with the corresponding examples.
  • choose the examples of positive self-talk.
  • analyze a given business scenario to recommend the correct approach for using positive self-talk.
  • Play Well with Others

  • select reasons why getting along well with other team members is important.
  • apply strategies for bringing out the best in a team member in a specific scenario.
  • match strategies for working collaboratively with teammates with the corresponding examples.
  • analyze a given situation and recommend strategies to use for working collaboratively with teammates.
  • Ways You Can Contribute

  • select the benefits of contributing to a team.
  • apply the steps for being proactive in a specific business situation.
  • match strategies for showing tolerance of teammates with the corresponding examples.
  • evaluate the use of tolerance-based communication strategies in a given scenario.




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