The Keys to Sustainable Change

Individuals taking on roles in change project management and others who want to develop or refine their skills for leading and sustaining change in an organization


Expected Duration
36 minutes

Change is one of the few things that are almost assured in your working life, regardless of the nature of your business or your position. Times change, and organizations as well as work processes must change with them. Even though this is the case, change is challenging – and if it’s not done right, it might not have the impact you envision. In this course, you will learn methods to use in gathering success factors from the sponsors and owners of the change initiative, build skills in developing initial statements of scope to support change initiatives, learn how to identify key stakeholders and stakeholder groups who must change and those who must be considered for inclusion to achieve desired change, and learn how to assess the Three Keys to Sustainable Change – discomfort, vision, and skills.


Success Factors, Scope, and Stakeholders

  • recognize the key initial outputs of a change initiative
  • recognize the RACI status of stakeholder groups
  • recognize questions that assess the level of stakeholder discomfort and effectiveness of vision in relation to a proposed change effort
  • identify and sequence steps required to determine and assess the skills needed to support organizational change
  • predict the success of a change effort based on readiness measures
  • determine an organization’s readiness for sustainable change





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