Thinking Critically: Drawing Conclusions with Confidence

Individuals who want to develop or refine their critical thinking skills


Expected Duration
32 minutes

Drawing conclusions is an appropriate expression because concluding – when thinking critically – often involves mapping out data and making it visual. When drawing conclusions, you analyze and weigh the data, information, and sources you have to support taking action. Even if you’ve verified assumptions and evaluated a variety of arguments related to an issue – you still have to reach the point of conclusion. A good conclusion is based on sorting through and out the data, getting critiques from others, and drawing it out/depicting it in a way that others can understand. In this course, you will analyze the process of drawing a conclusion into its logical components. You’ll also learn about the use of questions and diagramming tools to assist in this process.


Reaching Sound Conclusions

  • recognize the critical thinking activities associated with reaching a sound conclusion
  • recognize effective questions to double check conclusions
  • use tools to help draw conclusions
  • recognize essential elements of an action plan associated with a thoughtful conclusion
  • draw sound conclusions





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