Thinking Like a CFO: Managing Risk

Functional managers, professionals, departmental leaders, and all individuals in key roles who want to align their financial planning and management activities with CFO thinking

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Thinking like a CFO means you’re not just concerned about productivity and efficiency, but also about your organization’s long-term financial health and sustainability. One way you express that concern is by how you deal with your department’s financial, operational, and compliance risks. If you approach these like a CFO, your decisions will be more in line with organizational goals, and you’ll be more likely to win senior management’s support for your department’s risk management plans.
This course introduces you to a process for managing regulatory and financial risks in line with CFO priorities. It begins by focusing on general actions you can take to support CFO priorities for risk management and compliance. It then presents a method for identifying and categorizing risks your department could be facing. Next it teaches a ranking technique for prioritizing risks. Finally, it suggests an approach to developing a risk response plan for departmental risks.


Managing Risk Like a CFO

  • identify actions to take to support CFO priorities in relation to risk management and compliance
  • describe the benefits of managing risk and ensuring compliance
  • recognize how to identify risks faced by your department
  • use a ranking technique to prioritize risks
  • focus on the right factors when developing a risk response plan





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