Time Management: Quit Making Excuses and Make Time Instead

Anyone at any level in a company who wants to get some practical guidance for how to manage their time


Expected Duration
32 minutes

As much as we wish we could, no one can really make time on the clock. You can’t add a 25th hour to the day to get more stuff done – but you can make better use of the 24 hours that you do have. Everyone is capable of becoming a more effective time manager, of organizing their efforts to get more done. All it takes is deciding to seize control of your own time, and then taking small steps in the right direction. In this course, you’ll consider how you’re spending your time now and what you can do to spend it more wisely and productively. You’ll also learn to block the time stealers that interfere with your productivity, use to-do lists and schedules to organize your time and tasks, and develop a regular habit of checking in with your plans to make sure you’re getting them done.


Organizing Your Time

  • identify the benefits of recognizing how you currently spend your time
  • recognize how you can leverage your time management personality to increase your productivity
  • recognize techniques you can use to deal with your time stealers
  • sort key job tasks into macro and micro to-do lists
  • determine what action to take with your scheduled tasks after reassessing them as part of your regular check-ins
  • organize tasks using a time management system





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