Title 31: Filling Out CTRCs (Update Available)

Casino management, cage cashiers, slot attendants, dealers, casino security personnel, casino compliance officers, any employee handling cash transactions, and all those interested in Title 31 requirements

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Expected Duration
15 minutes

The casino industry is a cash business that can be a target for those who want to launder money gained from illegal activities. To prevent that from happening, casinos participate in a process of tracking cash transactions, or other transactions that may look suspicious, and providing that information to law enforcement for investigative purposes. Title 31 is the law that provides casinos and investigative agencies with the tools they need to combat money laundering. Title 31 requires the completion of the Currency Transaction Report by Casinos (CTRC) form whenever there are large transactions involving currency. The form is completed whenever transactions exceed $10,000 in a single day in cash. In this course, you will learn when you should fill out a CTRC and how to complete the CTRC form.


Filling Out CTRCs

  • determine when to fill out a CTRC
  • recognize how to complete the CTRC form





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