Title 31: Identifying Suspicious Activity (Update Available)

Casino managers and employees; dealers; croupiers; slot attendants; pit bosses and slot supervisors; anyone involved in dealing with SARC forms, casino cash transactions, or accounting functions

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

Casino employees have to be aware of ways of combating the use of their casino for money laundering and other potentially illegal purposes. This course looks at a number of suspicious activities related to casinos, and includes the account of a few reported past activities. You will learn how to fill out a Suspicious Activity Report by Casinos and Card Clubs (SARC) form, and how to write a quality narrative for the narrative section of this form.


Identifying Suspicious Activity

  • outline suspicious activities that may take place in the casino environment
  • fill out a SARC form to report suspicious activities
  • produce narratives for the narrative section of a SARC form





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