Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

All personnel working for employers that manufacture, process, import, distribute in commerce, use, or dispose of chemical substances, including key regulated chemicals such as PCBs, asbestos, and lead.


Expected Duration
27 minutes

Chemistry is a vital part of technological innovation and progress and a valuable contributor to our economy. The United States chemical industry generates nearly a trillion dollars in annual sales – a significant component of the US gross domestic product. But the use of chemicals is also one of the most regulated processes in the country. If chemicals are not managed safely, they can have significant health and environmental consequences. The Toxic Substances Control Act is a comprehensive framework for the review and regulation of chemical substances and mixtures used in commerce. TSCA gives the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, authority to go beyond waste disposal and to regulate industrial chemicals before and during use in the market.
In this course you will learn about TSCA and who and what is covered by its regulations. You’ll cover compliance requirements for production, importation, use, and disposal of chemicals, find out about EPA requirements for the use and reporting of new chemicals, and determine which chemicals may be subject to more detailed regulations, in particular PCBs, lead, and asbestos which are known to present specific health concerns. You’ll also discover how TSCA is changing and adapting to reflect advances in scientific understanding and the applications of chemistry.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by EnSafe Inc., a global professional services company focusing on engineering, environment, health and safety, and information technology.


The Toxic Substances Control Act

  • recognize the purpose of the Toxic Substances Control Act
  • identify the type of organizations subject to TSCA regulations
  • identify your employer’s basic compliance requirements under TSCA
  • determine the appropriate certification statement for a chemical import
  • identify threshold and information exemptions to TSCA reporting requirements
  • identify specific chemicals regulated under TSCA that pose unreasonable risk to health and the environment.





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