Transitioning from Technical Professional to Management

Technical professionals who are transitioning into a management role

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Moving from being a technical professional to being a manager is a career change requiring a shift in focus. Technical professionals are largely self-directed, whereas managers work through other people. These and other role differences require that technical professionals who are transitioning into management prepare effectively for the change in career. This course outlines steps a technical professional can take to make the transition into management smoother. It also describes the qualities that successful technical professionals typically possess and how these qualities are useful in a management role. Finally, the course introduces key competencies that people moving into a management role may need to develop. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Technical Professionals Moving into Management

  • identify ways you can prepare for the transition to technical management
  • recognize how typical qualities of a technical professional are useful in a management role
  • determine which competencies a given individual may need to develop when transitioning into a managerial role




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