Transport Canada TDG: Introduction and Responsibilities

All personnel involved in the packaging, preparation, and handling of hazardous material for transportation in Canada

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA) was introduced in 1980 to ensure that people and the environment are protected during the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada. This course will teach you the basics of TDG regulations, how they classify dangerous goods, and the basics of dangerous goods transportation.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by the Pinchin Group of Companies, an environmental, health and safety consulting firm with offices across Canada.


TDG Basics

  • describe the purpose of TDG
  • determine if TDG training requirements have been met
  • Classifying Dangerous Goods

  • determine if the required information is included in shipping documents
  • recognize the considerations for correctly marking and choosing the means of containment for the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Containment and Emergency Reporting

  • determine if an accidental release has been reported correctly




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