Triggers and Functions

Database professionals responsible for implementing and maintaining SQL Server 2016


Expected Duration
115 minutes

Triggers in SQL Server 2016 are sets of statements that execute automatically when a specific event occurs in a database. This course covers the design and implementation of the various types of triggers found in SQL Server 2016. In addition, this course cover functions, including scalar-valued, table-valued, deterministic, and nondeterministic. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for 70-762: Developing SQL Databases exam.



  • start the course
  • create DML triggers
  • create CLR triggers
  • recognize best practices regarding DML trigger security
  • implement DDL triggers
  • gather information regarding DDL triggers
  • describe DDL events and event groups
  • recognize when to use the various types of triggers
  • implement first and last triggers
  • manage transactions within a logon trigger
  • disable logon triggers
  • demonstrate how to use the AFTER trigger
  • demonstrate how to use the INSTEAD trigger


  • describe user-defined functions
  • recognize the various components of user-defined functions
  • use scalar-valued functions
  • use table-valued functions
  • use built-in functions
  • use deterministic functions
  • use nondeterministic functions

Practice: Configuring Triggers

  • configure triggers in SQL Server 2016





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