Troubleshooting Windows Vista Deployments

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Microsoft Windows Vista provides diagnostics and tools to help reduce troubleshooting support costs and user interruptions. Windows Vista can detect and automatically correct most operating system and related hardware problems using these tools. If Vista cannot automatically correct a problem, it provides support resources to help technical support correct it in a timely manner. This course demonstrates troubleshooting startup issues with the Vista operating system when it is dual-booted with another operating system, and using the Window Recovery Environment when Vista will not start. In addition, it explores troubleshooting operating system services using Event Viewer, command-line tools, and System Configuration. It also shows how to troubleshoot hardware devices and their drivers using Device Manager and System Restore, resolve printing problems using the driver store, and use BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Target Audience

Support personnel supporting Windows Vista; technical professionals.


3 to 5 years experience as tier 2 or team-lead/technical desktop support technician; passed an entry level desktop support exam, such as 70-620 TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring; hands on experience with Windows Vista deployment, managing security, troubleshooting network-related issues

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Customizing Startup Options

  • recognize how to use BCDedit to choose the default operating system
  • Windows Recovery Environment

  • identify the security considerations for using Windows RE
  • recognize how to use Startup Repair
  • match command prompt diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks to descriptions
  • Troubleshoot Vista System Services after Deployment

  • recognize how to use the Event Viewer to view event logs
  • recognize examples of how system configuration can be used to troubleshoot services
  • recognize how to start, stop, activate, and disable services manually using the Net command and sc.exe
  • Troubleshooting a Windows Vista Deployment

    Troubleshoot Vista Hardware and Physical Failures

  • recognize procedures for troubleshooting Vista hardware and physical features
  • Troubleshoot Vista Printing

  • recognize how to view printers and their properties in Print Management
  • recognize commands for adding device drivers to the driver store
  • Troubleshoot BitLocker Drive Encryption

  • recognize how to enable BitLocker drive encryption
  • identify how to recover access to data using BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • recognize how to back up the BitLocker recovery password using Group Policy
  • recognize how to back up the BitLocker recovery password to multiple locations
  • Troubleshooting Windows Vista Hardware