Turning Objection into Opportunity during a Sales Call

Individuals who want to gain a foundation in basic sales techniques and anyone who wants to develop or refine their existing sales skills.


Expected Duration
22 minutes

In a sales environment where customers are well informed, deeply networked, and technically savvy, sales professionals need to arrive fully prepared to deal with educated buyers and any challenges they present. To address the challenges of this new breed of customer, you need to welcome questions, objections, and resistance factors, see them for what they are – opportunities – and be prepared with the skills to capitalize on them. This course is designed to help you prepare for objections that may occur during your sales interactions and use techniques for handling questions, objections, and resistance.


Handle Objections Like a Pro

  • recognize how to respond to psychological reasons behind a customer’s resistance
  • distinguish between questions, objections, and resistance
  • identify tips for responding to objections with empathy and understanding
  • identify effective listening and questioning methods to manage customer objections
  • identify strategies for handling price-based objections
  • identify techniques for keeping the sales process moving forward despite objections





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