Under the Hood with Mac OS X Lion

End users with some knowledge of computers, who are either new to OS X or new to OS X Lion

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

OS X Lion provides many ways to configure the operating system, customize preferences, protect files and settings, and synchronize data with a variety of devices. This course introduces experienced Mac OS X users and novices alike to the various settings that reside ‘under the hood’ in OS X Lion, including commonly used System Preference settings, how to protect your system using Time Machine, and how to back up and recover files. The course also covers how to use iTunes and iCloud to keep your apps and data synchronized.


Customizing, Protecting, and Syncing OS X Lion

  • customize Finder in OS X Lion
  • customize OS X Lion preferences
  • use Auto Save and Versions to protect your documents
  • back up your OS X Lion system
  • restore your OS X Lion system
  • set up OS X Lion to automatically synchronize your data
  • customize, protect, and sync OS X Lion





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.