UNIX Fundamentals: Shell Scripting Basics

Individuals and companies who want to get a thorough grounding in UNIX principles and operation.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

Developed in 1969 by AT&T at Bell Labs, UNIX has evolved to become a popular operating system used by individuals, companies, and organizations for diverse personal and commercial applications. Commercial UNIX systems include Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX, and the success of UNIX variants like Linux, Mac OSX and Android operating systems have helped UNIX become one of the most popular OSes in the world today.
The UNIX shell is a powerful, command-line interface that allows users to create scripts to control the inner workings of UNIX. This course is an overview that introduces the learner to the basics of shell scripting in UNIX, including a discussion on how shell scripts work, and choosing the right UNIX shell. This course will also introduce the creation of executables, redirection, substitution and patterns, and the use of UNIX commands in a script.


UNIX Shell Scripts

  • recognize examples of how the UNIX shell processes using expansion and substitution
  • group commands on a command line
  • recognize how commands are stored in scripts
  • choose UNIX shells
  • create a shell script
  • run a shell script
  • choose UNIX shells
  • create a shell script
  • run shell scripts
  • Using UNIX Shell Commands

  • recognize how characters are used in commands
  • use conditional execution
  • group commands
  • use standard I/O redirection
  • perform file redirection
  • script with redirection
  • use file substitution
  • use command substitution
  • use command execution
  • use redirection
  • use substitution in a script




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