Unix OS Fundamentals: Managing Files and Directories

Individuals and companies who want to get a thorough grounding in Unix principles and operation


Expected Duration
86 minutes

Unix has powerful file system features for working with files and directories. This course provides an introduction to the Unix file system, including file types and their functions, the creation and deletion of Unix files, wildcards and regular expression characters, searching Unix files using parameters, and managing Unix files and directories.


Files and Directories

  • start the course
  • describe how files are stored in a Unix system including special characters, extensions, and inodes
  • describe different file types in Unix including regular files, executables, device files, named pipes, symbolic links, and hard links
  • describe directories in Unix, how they are structured in a tree, how they store files, and absolute and relative paths

The Unix File System

  • describe the default directories in a Unix system including root, /bin, /usr, and /dev
  • partition a hard disk for Unix
  • change between directories in Unix and describe how the directories interrelate
  • list files in Unix
  • show and edit file contents in Unix

Redirection in Unix

  • describe the potential implications of redirection in overwriting files and how to use the noclobber command
  • describe the function of file descriptors stdin, stdout, and stderr
  • describe the use of here documents on the Unix command line

Substitution and Patterns

  • describe the use of wildcards on the Unix command line including the asterisk and square brackets
  • use the backslash character to perform escaping

Searching Files with Patterns

  • locate files by using wildcards
  • use the find command to find files
  • use the grep command to search within files
  • construct regular expressions

Working with Directories

  • create directories on a Unix system
  • remove directories on a Unix system
  • copy and move directories in Unix and describe the difference between the two operations
  • archive files and directories on a Unix system

Practice: Files and Directories

  • manage files and directories via the command line





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