UNIX Shell Scripting Basics

IT professionals and UNIX end-users who need to familiarize themselves with the UNIX shell environment

Familiarity with the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system and the ability to navigate a file system and use basic shell commands

Expected Duration
180 minutes

To explain how to create simple shell scripts using UNIX shell commands


UNIX Shell Scripting Basics

  • explain what a shell script is.
  • distinguish between the major shell environments and select a shell based on its characteristics.
  • create and run a simple shell program.
  • write a simple shell script.
  • manage the execution of UNIX shell commands.
  • redirect standard input and output and use file descriptors.
  • use substitution and quoting to expand and match files and commands.
  • describe the syntax used to execute shell commands.
  • write a shell script that uses the shell’s command execution and substitution capabilities.




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