UNIX User and Data Management

IT professionals working in a UNIX environment for the first time

A basic understanding of the UNIX operating system; familiarity with the history of UNIX and the reasons for its continued popularity; general comprehension of UNIX system architecture, and awareness of the user interfaces

Expected Duration
160 minutes

To demonstrate the core administrative functions of managing users, data, and software on UNIX systems


UNIX User and Data Management

  • connect the role of the systems administrator with the responsibilities of superuser privileges.
  • determine the method for adding and configuring a user account.
  • recognize the strategies used to track user activity and control access to resources in a given scenario.
  • create and configure a user account in a given scenario.
  • configure a filesystem.
  • identify the best data protection strategy in a given scenario.
  • choose the RAID system to implement in a given scenario.
  • design a RAID implementation for a given scenario.




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