Up and Running with Safari 5.1

The audience for this path includes end users either new to Safari or needing to brush up on their basic Macintosh web browsing skills.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

You can use Safari 5.1 for basic web navigation, but once you’ve mastered the basic features, you can delve into using such features as the Reading List, or RSS feeds with Safari. This covers these features and also explores Safari’s support for a wealth of extensions that you can add to the browser to maximize your browsing experience. The course also explores setting a variety of preferences in Safari and using Safari’s built in Reader to make articles easier to read.


Getting the Most from Web Browsing Using Safari

  • edit key Safari preferences
  • use the Reading list and Reader features in Safari
  • modify your RSS feed preferences in Safari
  • manage extensions in Safari
  • manage windows in Safari
  • use the preferences panel to manage your Safari environment
  • customize your Safari window for a given scenario
  • configure RSS feed preferences in Safari





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