Upgrading and Updating SharePoint 2016

Individuals who will manage the planning, installation, configuration security, or performance of a SharePoint 2016 environment; Individuals preparing for the Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (70-339) exam.


Expected Duration
78 minutes

If you have managed SharePoint for five years or more, you know that this product, like so many, is a moving target. Versions change, and SharePoint 2013 can be upgraded to SharePoint 2016 using a database migration method. Additionally, the SharePoint 2016 environment should be kept bug-free and secure, which requires regular patching, and is now provided by Zero Downtime Patching. In this course, you will learn to upgrade a SharePoint 2013 farm to SharePoint 2016 and to correctly patch your SharePoint 2016 farm.


Patching SharePoint 2016

  • start the course
  • describe the challenges and solutions available for patching SharePoint 2016
  • plan and configure SharePoint 2016 Zero Downtime Patching
  • Planning to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

  • describe the relevant concerns in evaluating SharePoint 2016 content and customizations before upgrading
  • perform migration precheck tasks before upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • analyze content database test results before upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • configure web application authentication for upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • resolve orphan objects before upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • resolve missing file system components before upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • resolve configuration conflict issues before upgrading to SharePoint 2016
  • plan removal of servers in rotation during an upgrade for SharePoint 2016
  • configure a parallel upgrade for SharePoint 2016
  • configure read-only access during an upgrade for content for SharePoint 2016
  • configure upgrade farms for SharePoint 2016
  • measure upgrade performance for SharePoint 2016
  • plan an installation sequence for SharePoint 2016
  • perform an upgrade by migration to SharePoint 2016
  • plan and migrate SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online or a hybrid topology
  • Practice: Upgrading and Updating SharePoint

  • determine which configurations might prevent a successful SharePoint 2016 upgrade




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