Use Delegation to Develop Your Team

Managers and team leaders for small-to-medium sized teams


Expected Duration
24 minutes

Suppose your team is functioning well and delegation is working for you, so that you are getting the results you need.  How do you take yourself and your team to the next level?  How can you increase the level of responsibility without loss of quality?  Can you free even more time for your own career development? In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your delegation skills by taking account of the development needs of your team. You’ll learn to recognize the six different levels of authority and responsibility that can assigned in a delegation and how these can be used to further the development of the team through thoughtful delegation.


Using Delegation to Develop

  • delegate a task to a person in a way that develops them
  • delegate in a way that develops an employee
  • review your delegation performance in a structured way
  • develop your team through delegation





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