Using Advanced Slide Show Tools in PowerPoint 2010

End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 at an advanced level

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

PowerPoint 2010 provides you with all the tools necessary to create and present engaging and effective presentations. As an advanced user, you can take advantage of features that allow you to customize your animations to create just the right effect. PowerPoint has tools for getting your animations to move at the right speed and in the right order. There are also built-in tools, such as the animation painter, that allow you to easily apply an animation scheme to the entire presentation in one easy step. Once you have perfected your presentation, you can set and rehearse timings, create mouse-over actions for elements on a slide, and record your presentation for automatic delivery. There are also many tools that make the presentation of your slide show easy and effective, such as highlighters and laser pointers. These tools and features are all covered in this course.


Slide Show Setup and Advanced Slide Show Tools

  • create a custom animation using PowerPoint 2010
  • apply triggers to animated objects on a slide
  • configure the settings for a custom slide show
  • match slide show types with corresponding examples of when you would use them
  • set up an action button for a user-run slide show presentation
  • recognize the procedure for recording narration and slide timings
  • recognize how to use presentation tools available in PowerPoint 2010
  • add multiple visual and audio effects to a slide
  • set up a slide show as per given specifications
  • use presentation tools during a slide show presentation





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