Using Docker: Benefits and Installation

This path is designed for software developers, testers, and administrators or anyone interested in learning Docker or implementing Docker-based deployments in their organization.


Expected Duration
117 minutes

Docker is an open source platform that enables developers, administrators, and others to access and deploy the latest, updated images into their respective environments. It uses automated scripts and manual commands to perform tasks. It allows software application to get into production as quickly as possible by eliminating friction and dependencies that normally occur during shipment of code. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of Docker and the Docker architecture, how to install Docker on Ubuntu and CentOS.


Understanding Docker

  • start the course
  • describe Docker and the problem it solves
  • describe the uses of Docker
  • compare Docker with virtual machine deployments

Understanding Docker Architecture

  • describe Docker architecture
  • identify internal components on which Docker is based
  • differentiate between public and private registries in Docker
  • describe the process of accessing Docker hub

Technological Concepts in Docker

  • identify the use of namespaces in Docker
  • identify the use of control groups in Docker
  • identify the use of union systems in Docker

Installing Docker on Ubuntu

  • verify minimum requirements for Ubuntu
  • install Docker on Ubuntu
  • create a Docker group
  • configure memory for Docker
  • configure UFW forwarding in Docker
  • configure DNS for Docker

Installing Docker on CentOS

  • describe CentOS version and kernel support
  • install a Docker package on CentOS 6.5
  • start and verify Docker daemon in CentOS

Putting Docker to Work

  • describe the process of templating an image
  • use the run command to spawn a Docker container
  • run and interact with a Docker container

Practice: Working with Docker Containers

  • list the steps to access, interact, and see results from a command executed on an image from a local or remote registry





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