Using Facilitation Skills as a Manager

Team leaders, supervisors, managers, and anyone who has a facilitator role in the workplace

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Managers need to be good facilitators – in the broadest sense of the word. Being facilitative means empowering and collaborating with employees to get the work done. This course describes how to use facilitation skills to help others work more effectively. It explains how observation skills can help you understand how well people are working together and whether you may need to intervene to get things back on track. Another key facilitation skill covered in the course is using questions effectively to help others focus and engage in their work.


Using Facilitation Skills

  • determine the most appropriate role – facilitator, manager, or leader – for a given situation
  • take steps to intervene appropriately to help others work more effectively in a given scenario
  • use questions to help engage others in their work in a given scenario




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