Using Humor with Diplomacy and Tact

Individuals who want to improve their ability to communicate in a more diplomatic and tactful manner


Expected Duration
25 minutes

Some of us may shy away from humor in the workplace for fear of saying something inappropriate or being perceived as unserious. When used properly, however, humor can be a tool that enhances tactful communication. Humor can benefit a work environment by creating opportunities for bonding through shared experiences and by encouraging a relaxed environment that facilitates heightened creativity, engagement, and productivity. Individuals can benefit by using humor to forge beneficial connections. People like to laugh and generally like the person that makes them laugh. In this course, you’ll review how to employ humor during everyday situations, in conversations and during meetings, and to defuse conflict.


Humor as a Tool

  • demonstrate understanding of the guidelines for using humor in the workplace
  • identify appropriate uses of humor in talks and meetings
  • defuse a tense or sensitive situation with a tactful use of humor
  • use humor as a tool in the workplace





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