Using Hyperlinks, Actions, and Comments in PowerPoint 2016

Users who have some familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint and want to extend their knowledge of new and more sophisticated features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.


Expected Duration
51 minutes

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 makes it possible to link to different types of content and to collaborate with others in reviewing a presentation. In this course, you’ll learn how to link to particular content from or within a presentation, and how to set a hyperlink to open or another action to occur when a slide object is clicked or moused over. You’ll also learn how to use comments to review a presentation and collaborate with others, and how to use the Inking feature to add and format annotations on presentation slides. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for intermediate-level users.


Using Hyperlinks

  • start the course
  • identify types of hyperlink options in PowerPoint 2016
  • add a hyperlink to a web site on a graphic or a shape in PowerPoint 2016
  • insert a hyperlink to a new or existing presentation in a PowerPoint 2016 slide
  • insert a hyperlink to a specific heading within the current presentation in PowerPoint 2016
  • insert a hyperlink to the bookmark in PowerPoint 2016
  • modify hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2016
  • work with action links in PowerPoint 2016

Managing Comments and Comparing Versions

  • insert, edit, and delete comments in a presentation in PowerPoint 2016
  • collaborate with others by replying to comments in real time in PowerPoint 2016
  • show, copy, and move comments in PowerPoint 2016
  • compare or combine different presentation versions in PowerPoint 2016

The Inking Feature

  • use the Pen, Highlighter, Lasso, and Convert to Shapes options to annotate a presentation in PowerPoint 2016
  • customize the Ink tools and apply formatting to annotations in PowerPoint 2016
  • remove annotations in PowerPoint 2016

Practice: Links, Comments, and Inking

  • insert hyperlinks in a presentation, add a comment, configure an Inking tool, and annotate a slide in PowerPoint 2016





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