Using Internet Explorer 11: Exploring the Interface

Employees at all levels of an enterprise seeking to attain proficiency by experiencing the new and updated features of Internet Explorer 11.


Expected Duration
63 minutes

Internet Explorer 11 has several enhancements over previous versions. This course provides an overview of the user interface layout and addresses how to work with tiles in the Start and the Desktop environment of the new platform, discover the updated functionality, and work with add-ons. It also covers the various methods of creating multitasking permanent and unlimited tab windows, as well as how to work with the favorites center. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Internet Explorer 11.


Exploring the Internet Explorer 11 Interface

  • start the course
  • identify Internet Explorer 11 as well as graphical user interface changes from previous Internet Explorer versions
  • distinguish between Internet Explorer 11 icon placement as well as their functions in detail
  • identify live tiles and how to create a tile for Internet Explorer 11 and sites within the browser

Enhancements and New Features

  • describe add-on differences between Start and Desktop versions and view, install, remove, and turn off add-ons
  • work with permanent and unlimited tabs in Internet Explorer 11
  • create a multitasking environment within Internet Explorer 11
  • recognize that Internet Explorer 11 comprises Web support to render 3D Graphics
  • perform snap mode for multiple apps on the Internet Explorer 11 interface
  • configure customized Imaged Bookmarks using the Favorites Center in Internet Explorer 11

Launching Internet Explorer 11

  • identify the difference between the Start and Desktop versions of Internet Explorer 11
  • launch Internet Explorer 11 from the Windows Start Screen
  • apply or remove the Pin option to the Internet Explorer tile
  • troubleshoot the locating of Internet Explorer 11 should the Search Charm not work

Practice: Working with Internet Explorer 11

  • identify features of the Internet Explorer 11 interface and work with live tiles, Apps, and Favorites





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