Using Internet Explorer 11: Securing the Environment

Employees at all levels of an enterprise seeking to attain proficiency by experiencing the new and updated features of Internet Explorer 11


Expected Duration
39 minutes

It is important to protect your PC and network from potentially harmful or malicious online content. This course covers the Security tab in Internet Explorer 11, the function of which is to set options to set up a secure browsing environment by customizing zone settings and enabling enhanced protected mode. In addition, the course covers the various privacy settings that affect the browsing experience. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Internet Explorer 11.



  • start the course
  • configure Internet Options to set security settings in Internet Explorer 11
  • add web sites to the relevant security zone in Internet Explorer 11
  • describe why Enhanced Protected Mode makes it more difficult for malware to run in Internet Explorer 11
  • recognize different certificate errors in Internet Explorer 11


  • describe what a cookie is and how they affect the browsing experience
  • remove cookies from the desktop or start screen in Internet Explorer 11
  • block cookies, allow cookies, and customize cookie settings in Internet Explorer 11


  • select the option not to track sites visited using Internet Explorer 11
  • enable InPrivate Browsing and perform an InPrivate Browsing session in Internet Explorer 11
  • disable toolbars and extensions when InPrivate Browsing is actioned in Internet Explorer 11
  • enable the option to allow location sharing in IE11
  • adjust the on or off password saving setting in Internet Explorer 11

Practice: Creating a Secure Environment

  • configure security options in Internet Explorer 11 relating to zones, cookies, and privacy





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