Using Internet Explorer 11: Working with Web Content, RSS Feeds, and Downloads

Employees at all levels of an enterprise seeking to attain proficiency by experiencing the new and updated features of Internet Explorer 11


Expected Duration
50 minutes

There are several default setting customizations in Internet Explorer 11 covered in this course. You will also learn about migration of content from previous browsers, as well as sharing of web content through read, print and share options. In addition, we look at managing downloads and subscribing to RSS feeds. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Internet Explorer 11.


Working with History and Default Settings

  • start the course
  • troubleshoot how to set Internet Explorer 11 as the default browser
  • delete browsing history in Internet Explorer 11

Migrating Previous Version Content

  • complete a Java installation for Internet Explorer 11 using the Desktop version
  • perform the exporting and importing of favorite bookmarks from different versions of Internet Explorer

Reading, Printing, and Sharing Web Content

  • identify the Reading View icon in Internet Explorer 11
  • specify a page to save to the Reading View List in Internet Explorer 11
  • configure print options within the Internet Explorer 11 browser
  • work with Favorites in Internet Explorer 11
  • share web sites from within the Internet Explorer 11 browser

View and Manage Downloads

  • download files from the Internet and manage the Downloads folder in Internet Explorer 11

RSS Feeds

  • define the term RSS Feed
  • create an RSS Feed in Internet Explorer 11

Practice: Web Content and RSS Feeds

  • configure downloads, subscribe to RSS feeds, and share content





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