Using Lean for Perfection and Quality

Individuals who have responsibility for reducing costs and waste, and improving efficiency and customer value at the organizational or departmental level

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Lean methodology comprises a powerful set of tools designed to optimize perfection and quality in a manufacturing or service organization. 5S is a tool for organizing and creating a productive work environment. Hoshin Kanri deals with strategic direction and management to ensure creation of value in products and processes. Jidoka helps identify and solve errors in a production or service delivery process. Standard Work aims at establishing the best procedures for each process to ensure efficient work methods and help eliminate waste.
This course will introduce many of the Lean tools used by organizations to strive for perfection and improve quality. You will be able to assess how 5S can be applied for organizing and standardizing a workplace. You will also learn the strategies for using Hoshin Kanri and the activities involved in the Jidoka process. Finally, you will be introduced to the key success factors for implementing the principles of Standard Work and how it helps eliminate certain types of wastes in any type of workplace.


Four Lean Tools for Attaining Perfection

  • recognize activities that comprise 5S
  • recognize strategies for using Hoshin Kanri to address a problem within an organization
  • match steps in the PDCA cycle to actions that would be carried out at each step
  • sequence examples of activities that occur during the jidoka process
  • match types of waste with examples of how they can be eliminated through standard work





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