Using Mac OSX Lion to Interact with the World

The audience for this path includes end users who are either new to OS X, new to OS X Lion, or who need to brush up on their basic Macintosh computing skills.

Basic familiarity with computers

Expected Duration
60 minutes

OS X Lion is a powerful operating system which allows users to interact with the world using a variety of tightly-integrated applications. Communication, sharing and contact management features work together, enabling users to send emails, conduct chats, make video calls, and share files. This course introduces experienced Mac OS X users and novices alike to the connectivity features of OS X Lion, including an introduction to Address Book, a discussion of OS X Lion Mail, the powerful iChat and FaceTime applications, and OS X Lion’s networking and sharing features.


Interacting with Others Using Mac OS X Lion

  • managing contacts with Address Book
  • organize contacts using smart groups
  • send and receive e-mail using Mail
  • choose a stationary theme for an e-mail
  • organize mailboxes in Mail
  • start an instant messaging session using iChat
  • sequence the steps to place a video call using FaceTime
  • describe the networking options in OS X Lion
  • share files using AirDrop
  • use Address Book to manage contacts
  • communicate with others using OS X Lion tools
  • recognize how to use OS X Lion to network and share files





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