Using Progressive Discipline to Correct Problem Performance

Managers, supervisors, project team leaders, and human resource professionals who need to deal with problem performance both formally and informally

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

You’ve taken positive steps to help your employee turn a performance problem around, but the problem still persists. What do you do next? At this point, you must proceed cautiously but firmly and use a progressive approach to discipline. In progressive discipline, employees are subjected to increasingly severe penalties over time if performance doesn’t improve. This approach satisfies the demands of due process, involves the employee in resolving the problem, and records the employer’s efforts to assist the employee. Documenting each stage of formal disciplinary action ensures that the employee understands future consequences if problem issues aren’t improved.
This course establishes when it’s appropriate to begin progressive discipline with an employee. It also demonstrates how to progress through the verbal and written warnings of the process, with guidelines for each stage.


Using Progressive Discipline

  • determine whether or not a situation warrants progressive disciplinary action
  • present a verbal warning to an employee
  • evaluate the effectiveness of a final written warning




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