Using Slide Masters and Slide Elements to Optimize Impact

Anyone who is familiar with the PowerPoint 2016 interface and tools and want to improve their presentation design and communication skills.


Expected Duration
59 minutes

Proper use of slide masters and slide elements like timelines, charts, shapes, animations, and hyperlinks can simplify the design process and enhance a PowerPoint 2016 presentation. In this course, you’ll learn how to create and customize a slide master and how to use a range of elements to add impact to presentation slides. You’ll also learn best practices for delivering a presentation. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers best practices when using PowerPoint 2016.


Slide Masters and Visual Slide Elements

  • start the course
  • use a slide master to reflect company branding in a PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • create a visual timeline using PowerPoint 2016
  • use charts effectively in PowerPoint 2016
  • distinguish between simple lines and connectors, and use connectors in diagrams in PowerPoint 2016
  • use Lock Drawing Mode to create shapes efficiently in PowerPoint 2016
  • use shapes to maximize impact in a PowerPoint 2016 presentation

Animation and Transition Practices

  • use PowerPoint 2016 panning and zooming techniques to engage an audience
  • use animation tools to simulate pop-up boxes in PowerPoint 2016
  • control audience attention through timing and layout in PowerPoint 2016


  • recognize best practices for using hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2016 presentations
  • use hyperlinks to capture attention or add interactive elements to a PowerPoint 2016 presentation

Distribution and Delivery

  • use Presenter View and speaker notes as presentation aids in PowerPoint 2016
  • control file and image size in a PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • apply best practices for delivering a PowerPoint 2016 presentation

Practice: Slide Master and Slide Elements

  • use a slide master and slide elements to maximize the effectiveness of a PowerPoint 2016 presentation





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