Using the Calendar to Schedule Appointments, Events, and Tasks in Outlook 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft Outlook 2016


Expected Duration
47 minutes

The Microsoft Outlook 2016 calendar enables you to create events, appointments, and tasks, and schedule meetings. The calendar is fully integrated with the other components of Outlook 2016 and allows you to easily incorporate your contacts and e-mail functionality with the calendar. In this course, you will learn about navigating and using the calendar and creating events, appointments, and tasks. This course also covers how to add additional calendars, change the appearance of the calendar, and print the calendar and tasks.


Using the Outlook 2016 Calendar

  • start the course
  • access and navigate the calendar in Outlook 2016
  • create an event in Outlook 2016
  • create appointments in Outlook 2016

Managing Calendars

  • add and view additional calendars in Outlook 2016
  • change calendar appearance in Outlook 2016
  • print a calendar in Outlook 2016

Configuring Tasks

  • create a new task in Outlook 2016
  • edit an existing task in Outlook 2016
  • organize tasks in Outlook 2016
  • apply and manage task views in Outlook 2016
  • print tasks in Outlook 2016

Practice: Using the Calendar

  • access the calendar, create an appointment, create and edit a task, and manage the task view in Outlook 2016





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