Using the Linux Shell

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


understand OS terminology and be able to interact with the shell and commands via the command line interface.

Target Audience

Students wishing to acquire the basic skills required as a Linux system administrator.


General knowledge of computers and computer operating systems ideally encompassing Unix knowledge because of the similarity to Linux.

Expected Duration

165 min.

Course Objectives

Using the Linux Shell

  • identify the basic characteristics of the Linux operating system.
  • identify the advantages of the Linux shell and some of the main versions.
  • use shell commands to verify the environment, find information about commands, use shortcuts, and support multitasking.
  • issue basic shell commands to handle directory and file information.
  • use special characters in Linux commands.
  • interact with the shell environment.
  • set the PATH environment variable in a secure way.
  • use the history facility and edit previously entered commands.
  • use some of the advanced facilities of the command line.
  • use the Linux shell to execute commands and manipulate files.