Using the Scheduler to Automate Tasks in Oracle 10g

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To outline the processes and considerations for using the Scheduler tool

Target Audience

Oracle database administrators and database operators


Experience in Oracle database administration; mastery of Associate level content for Oracle 10g; proficiency in programming with SQL and PL/SQL

Expected Duration

130 min.

Course Objectives

Using the Scheduler to Automate Tasks in Oracle 10g

  • define the components of the Oracle Database 10g Scheduler and identify the SQL used to assign privileges to them.
  • create jobs, programs, and schedules in Oracle Database 10g.
  • create job classes, windows, and job priorities in Oracle Database 10g.
  • create a job, job class, and window in Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Manager in a given scenario.
  • use the GUI and code-based tools to manage Scheduler components in Oracle Database 10g.
  • view information about jobs and purge jobs in Oracle Database 10g.
  • use the appropriate tools in Enterprise Manager to drop a job, change Scheduler attributes, and view job details in a given scenario.