Virtualization Management in Essentials 2010

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System Center Essentials 2010 contains a built-in Virtual Machine Manager to provide administrators with a central location to manage both physical servers and clients as well as virtual machines. Administrators can create and configure Virtual Machines directly from the Essentials 2010 console. This can be done by converting physical machines to virtual machines or creating new virtual machines based on templates or from virtual hard disks. Virtualization Management in Essentials allows midsized and small organizations to maximize their IT resources by consolidating them onto one server that can run multiple virtual machines, which can then be deployed throughout the organization for the employees. This course demonstrates how to use the Virtualization Management feature of Essentials 2010 to designate a host server and create and manage virtual machines, including how to configure virtual machines to enable Essentials to manage them like physical servers and clients on the network.

Target Audience

Administrators who use Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Configure Virtualization in Essentials 2010

  • designate a virtual machine host
  • manually change the network location assigned to a network adapter
  • Creating Virtual Machines

  • sequence the steps to create a virtual machine template
  • create a virtual machine from a physical computer
  • create a virtual machine from a virtual disk
  • Manage Virtual Machines

  • identify how to perform key virtual machine configuration and management tasks
  • create virtual machine snapshots
  • match Performance and Resource Optimization-related PowerShell scripts to their functions
  • Using Virtualization Management in Essentials 2010