Virtualization with VMware: An Overview

IT planners, systems designers, business analysts, strategic decision makers, technical engineers

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

Virtualization has become increasingly desirable in today’s IT infrastructures. Companies from small start-ups to enterprise environments are turning to virtualization, not only for testing, but also for full production environments now. This course examines the history of virtualization, the concepts behind virtualization, and how virtual machines and virtual infrastructures are used in today’s evolving IT world. It also covers the benefits of virtualization and how to evaluate whether virtualization should be implemented in your organization. The course provides an overview of VMware desktop, server, and datacenter technologies.


Introduction to Virtualization

  • recognize the benefits of virtualization
  • recognize what virtualization can enable you to do
  • identify the considerations for deciding whether to implement virtualization in an organization
  • recognize the purpose of a virtual machine and a virtual infrastructure
  • identify scenarios that indicate virtualization is suitable for an organization
  • evaluate whether virtualization is an appropriate solution for an organization
  • VMware Products

  • recognize the purpose of VMware desktop products
  • recognize the features of VMware Server and VMware ESXi
  • recognize the purpose of VMware datacenter products
  • choose the most appropriate VMware virtualization products for given scenarios




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