Visual Basic 2005: Serialization and I/O

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To serialize and deserialize objects for storage and manipulation, use I/O classes to manage data streams and files, and analyze how application performance can be enhanced using serialization and I/O

Target Audience

Employees, Consultants, and Students that are preparing for the Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation Certification Exam (70-536)


Familiarity with concepts and architecture of software development and business applications; development experience in an object-oriented programming language preferable

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Visual Basic 2005: Serialization and I/O

  • implement an IDeserializationCallback interface and an ISerializable interface in a given scenario.
  • use XML serialization and deserialization and the ObjectManager and SerializationInfo classes, given appropriate scenarios.
  • serialize and deserialize objects in SOAP format and binary format, given a scenario.
  • use serialization in a given scenario.
  • implement streams in a given scenario.
  • implement file management and isolated storage in a given scenario.
  • use stream, isolated storage, and file management classes in a given scenario.
  • determine how to improve application performance using serialization and I/O.