Visual Basic: Security

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Visual Studio adds to the Security namespace to make your Visual Basic programs even more secure and easier to implement.This course is designed to familiarize students with VB Security which includes Code Access Security, IIS security, and Cryptography which includes instructions for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography with hash functions.

Target Audience

Employees, Consultants, and Students that are preparing for the Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation Certification Exam (70-536).


Familiarity with concepts and architecture of software development and business applications; development experience in an object-oriented programming language preferable

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Evidence-Based Security in Visual Basic

  • implement evidence-based security
  • Role-Based Security in Visual Basic

  • implement role-based security
  • Implementing .NET and IIS Security in Visual Basic

    File Security and Authentication in Visual Basic

  • implement file security
  • implement authentication
  • Code Access Security in Visual Basic

  • implement permissions using the System.Security namespace
  • implement permissions using the System.Security.Permissions namespace in a given scenario
  • use the command-line to implement permissions
  • Using File and Code Access Security

    Cryptography in Visual Basic

  • implement symmetric cryptography
  • implement asymmetric cryptography in a given scenario
  • Hash Algorithms and the DPAPI in Visual Basic

  • use hash algorithms
  • use the DPAPI
  • Using Cryptography in Visual Basic