Visual Basic: Threading, Service Processing, and Application Domains

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This course covers how to implement Threading, and Service Processing in Visual Basic. Additionally, this course covers configuring and managing application domains.

Target Audience

Employees, Consultants, and Students that are preparing for the Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation Certification Exam (70-536).


Familiarity with concepts and architecture of software development and business applications; development experience in an object-oriented programming language preferable

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Introduction to Threading in Visual Basic

  • implement threading
  • Thread Event Handling in Visual Basic

  • use the WaitHandle class
  • use the EventWaitHandle class
  • use the ReaderWriterLock class
  • Special Classes and Enumerations in Visual Basic

  • use special classes
  • use Thread Timers
  • recognize the features of the ThreadState and ThreadPriority enumerations
  • Developing Threads in Visual Basic

    Basic Service Processes in Visual Basic

  • create a Windows Service
  • identify the characteristics of Windows Services
  • install and run a Windows Service
  • Advanced Service Processes in Visual Basic

  • use the ServiceBase class
  • use the ServiceController class
  • use the ServiceInstaller class
  • Using Service Processes in Visual Basic

    Application Domains in Visual Basic

  • configure application domains
  • Configuring Application Domains in Visual Basic

    Threads, Services, and Domains