VMware Business Mobility Solutions

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We have moved into the post-PC era where computing is no longer limited to PCs and laptops. Some businesses have to adapt to the fact that a majority of Internet-capable devices can be used to perform work-related functions by their employees. This course takes a look at VMware solutions in business mobility starting with VMware Horizon and its components. VMware Horizon allows IT departments to manage this wide variety of devices and applications available in the workplace today. You will also learn about VMware AirWatch and some of the key features it provides to empower mobile computing.

Target Audience

IT planners; system designers; IT administrators; system analysts; strategic decision makers; technical engineers



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Understanding End-user Computing

  • recognize what end-user computing is
  • Exploring the Challenges of End-user Computing

  • identify the challenges with end-user computing
  • Understanding Business Mobility

  • recognize what business mobility is
  • Exploring What Business Mobility Brings

  • recognize the functions and features of business mobility
  • Exploring the Features of Horizon 6

  • identify the features of VMware Horizon
  • Exploring the Horizon 6 Editions

  • recognize the available editions of Horizon 6 and their available features
  • Discovering Blast Performance

  • identify what blast performance brings with VMware Horizon
  • Exploring the Features of Horizon FLEX

  • identify the features that Horizon FLEX offers
  • Exploring the Horizon FLEX Components

  • identify the components of Horizon FLEX
  • Defining Horizon FLEX Client Requirements

  • recognize the host and guest-supported operating systems and the network specifications
  • Exploring the Horizon FLEX Architecture

  • recognize a typical Horizon FLEX deployment
  • Recognizing Horizon FLEX Usage Scenarios

  • recognize the usage scenarios for Horizon FLEX
  • Mobile Management Using AirWatch

  • explore the key role of VMware’s AirWatch
  • Exploring the Benefits of AirWatch

  • identify the benefits of VMware AirWatch solutions
  • The BYOD Approach

  • define the concept of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD and identify the significance it has to enterprise mobility
  • Protecting Enterprise Data on Mobile Devices

  • identify the function and features of AirWatch Container Management and define containerization and AirWatch workspace
  • Exploring AirWatch Mobile Content Management

  • identify the features of AirWatch Mobile Content Management and Content Locker
  • Exploring the Features of Identity Manager

  • recognize the features offered by VMware Identify Manager
  • Recognizing Identity Manager Usage Scenarios

  • identify how VMware Identify Manager can be used
  • Exercise: Choose Mobility Solutions