VMware NSX Network Virtualization: Configuring NSX Virtual Networks

virtual network administrators, data center operatives who already possess core networking skills


Expected Duration
124 minutes

VMware NSX networks are comprised of virtual switches, bridges, routers, and VXLANs. VXLANs bring VLAN like overlay technology to virtual networks to overcome data center scaling issues. This course covers configuration of VMware virtual network devices and VXLANs, including router configuration using various routing protocols. This course is one of a series of Skillsoft courses that cover the objectives for VMware certification exam VCA-NV: VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization.


Logical Switches

  • start the course
  • configure IP address assignments on logical switches
  • add and remove a logical switch
  • modify control plane mode
  • connect a logical switch to a VMware NSX Edge gateway
  • deploy services to a logical switch
  • connect and disconnect virtual machines
  • test logical switch connectivity
  • determine distributed virtual switch type and version for a given VMware NSX implementation

Configuring VXLAN

  • identify where to install and configure VXLAN and physical network requirements
  • determine the appropriate teaming policy for a given implementation

Layer 2 Bridging

  • identify high availability requirements for layer 2 bridging
  • add a layer 2 bridge to a VMware NSX Edge device

Logical Routers

  • describe and differentiate router interfaces
  • describe controller and logical switch requirements for logical router deployment
  • add a logical router
  • configure a management interface
  • configure High Available for a logical router
  • configure edge routing
  • configure routing protocols including static routes, OSPF, BGP, and IS-IS
  • configure default gateway
  • determine if cross-protocol route sharing is needed for a given NSX implementation

Practice: NSX Virtual Networks

  • create switches and configure VXLANs in a VMware NSX virtual network





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