VMware vSphere 5 – Part 1: Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

Anyone wishing to learn the fundamental features, functions, and capabilities of the VMware vSphere product suite collection of products in order to provide a full array of enterprise virtualization functionality; systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel, and ESXi operators and support personnel.A good understanding of system administration on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Server 2008 operating systems experience would be of benefit. Experience equivalent to or greater than CompTIA Network+ and with Linux Server operating systems is strongly recommended.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

As a vSphere administrator, there are various options available to you when configuring vSphere standard and distributed switches. There are also some additional features and functionalities when it comes to a vSphere standard switch versus a vSphere distributed switch. Once the switches are in place, there are various ways that you can manage your virtual network environment from within vSphere. There are many third-party utilities and appliances that allow you to add more functionality to your networking environment. Physical tools on the physical environment can be utilized as well. Make use of the best of both worlds in order to create a robust, secure networking environment.
This course explains the configuration steps of configuring a vSphere standard switch as well as a vSphere distributed switch. The various options that vSphere 5 provides in order to allow administrators to manage virtual networks is also covered.


Configuring vSphere Virtual Switches

  • identify vSphere standard switch properties
  • identify vSphere port group properties
  • identify vSphere distributed switch features
  • identify the key aspects of setting up an ESXi network

vSphere Virtual Network Management

  • perform a virtual machine migration
  • identify the key aspects of creating a network resource pool
  • recognize how to set up a port mirroring session





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