VMware vSphere 5 – Part 1: Creating Virtual Machines

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Creating virtual machines is a core part of using VMware vSphere, and VMware has made the process as easy and straightforward as possible. There are many options available when creating a virtual machine and several factors such as your computing needs, implementation timeline, and complexity of the environment will determine which method is more appropriate.
This course covers the creation of virtual machines, the use of virtual machine templates, virtual machine clones, as well as virtual machine conversion.

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to learn the fundamental features, functions, and capabilities of the VMware vSphere product suite collection of products in order to provide a full array of enterprise virtualization functionality; systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel, and ESXi operators and support personnel. A good understanding of system administration on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Server 2008 operating systems experience would be of benefit. Experience equivalent to or greater than CompTIA Network+ and with Linux Server operating systems is strongly recommended.


Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Virtual Machines

  • describe the characteristics of virtual machines
  • identify the ways virtual machines are created
  • Creating a VM via vSphere Client

  • mount an ISO image to a virtual machine
  • Creating a VM via vSphere Web Client

  • identify the key tasks involved in creating a virtual machine through a Web Client
  • use the vSphere Web Client to install VMware tools a virtual machine
  • Creating and Editing a Custom VM

    Configuring the OS via VM Console

  • describe the most efficient use of the VM Console
  • Virtual Templates

  • distinguish between a virtual machine template and a clone
  • recognize how to deploy a virtual machine from a template
  • Managing a VM from Inventory

    Cloning a Virtual Machine

  • describe the considerations involved in cloning a VM
  • Virtual Machine Conversion

  • describe the options available when converting virtual machines
  • describe the P2V conversion process
  • Converting and Cloning Virtual Machines