VMware vSphere 5 – Part 1: vCenter Server Management

Anyone wishing to learn the fundamental features, functions, and capabilities of the VMware vSphere product suite collection of products in order to provide a full array of enterprise virtualization functionality; systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel, and ESXi operators and support personnel.A good understanding of system administration on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Server 2008 operating systems experience would be of benefit. Experience equivalent to or greater than CompTIA Network+ and with Linux Server operating systems is strongly recommended.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
72 minutes

VMware vCenter Server provides several built-in options that allow you to manage your environment. Alarms can be created to notify when something goes wrong, scheduled tasks allow various tasks to be performed in an automated way, events allow the administrator to view what’s happening in the vCenter Server environment, maps give a visual topology of what’s happening, and the customization specifications manager allows quicker deployments in an automated way. This course concentrates on the tools used, and day-to-day management and maintenance of the vCenter Server.


vCenter Server Alarms, Tasks, and Events

  • identify how alarms can be configured in vCenter Server
  • recognize how to manage alarms in vCenter Server
  • Not Applicable
  • recognize when to use scheduled tasks in vCenter Server
  • recognize how you can use the scheduled tasks feature in vCenter Server
  • recognize when to view events in vCenter Server
  • recognize how events in vCenter Server can be configured for export
  • Not Applicable
  • vCenter Server Maps and OS Customization

  • recognize when to view maps in vCenter Server
  • identify the features of maps in vCenter Server
  • Not Applicable
  • recognize when to use the Sysprep tool in vCenter Server
  • identify the mandatory steps when customizing a guest operating system for vCenter Server




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