VMware vSphere 5 – Part 2: Securing Hosts, Internal Components, Certificate Use

Systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel working in virtualized server environments who have completed Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Part 1. Candidates who are seeking to learn about advanced features and configuration options available in the vSphere Enterprise product. This includes, configuring High Availability, Distributed Resource Scheduling, upgrading to vSphere 5 and auto deployment. A solid technical foundation in virtualization using vSphere coupled with strong network and administration skills are required as a prerequisite for this path.

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Expected Duration
82 minutes

In addition to securing against external threats you must also work to mitigate threats against the internal network components such as vLANs, switches, and iSCSI traffic within your vSphere Environment. This course describes how to protect internal components using ESXi Shell, Security Profiles. Firewalls, Lockdown mode, and encryption.
Often times, the first time that you connect to a vCenter Server instance, you receive a Security Warning dialog box.This security warning appears because the vSphere Client uses HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS) to connect to vCenter Server while the vCenter Server is using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from an “untrusted” source. This course reviews ESXi SSL certificate options as well as explains the SSL certificate options available to correct errors security warning messages.


Securing ESXi Hosts

  • describe how to configure services from the Security Profile
  • describe how ESXi firewall and Lockdown mode provide security
  • recognize the options available when using firewall protection

Securing Internal Components and Certificate Use

  • describe how vLANS and switch settings can be used to protect standard switches
  • match the features of the encryption and authentication methods appropriately
  • describe best practice when securing components
  • Not Applicable
  • describe the characteristics of ESXi certificate support





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