VMware vSphere 6 Install, Configure, Manage – Part 2: vSphere 6 Monitoring

Virtualization and cloud administrators who install, configure, and manage vSphere installations


Expected Duration
98 minutes

VMware vSphere 6 offers various features for monitoring and reporting, as well as for profile management. In this course, you will learn how performance charts and various monitoring and reporting tools assist in identifying potential issues within a VMWare virtualized environment. You will also learn the benefits of host profiles, how to create them, and how to ensure host profile compliance.


Monitoring and Reporting

  • start the course
  • describe how performance charts offer a real-time look into hardware utilization within a VMWare virtualized environment
  • use performance charts to identify potential hardware utilization issues within a VMWare virtualized environment
  • use event results to identify potential issues within a VMWare virtualized environment
  • identify how hardware status results help identify potential issues with host hardware
  • use Log Browser as a troubleshooting tool within a VMWare virtualized environment
  • use tags to help organize a VMWare virtualized environment
  • describe how to effectively use searches and filters within a VMWare virtualized environment

Alarms and Scheduled Tasks

  • describe characteristics of alarms within vSphere
  • recognize methods to configure alarms within vSphere
  • configure an alarm within vSphere
  • identify best practices for responding to alarms within vSphere
  • describe how scheduled tasks help with maintenance within a VMWare virtualized environment


  • describe the purpose of host profiles in vSphere
  • create a host profile in vSphere
  • apply a host profile to a host or cluster within vSphere
  • describe how to scan for profile compliance within vSphere
  • perform host profile remediation in vSphere to bring profiles into compliance
  • describe how storage policies benefit a VMWare virtualized environment

Practice: Monitoring, Alarms, and Profiles

  • describe and configure monitoring, alarms, and profile features in vSphere 6





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