VMware vSphere 6 Install, Configure, Manage – Part 2: vSphere 6 Updating

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VMWare vSphere 6 Update Manager, and its available configuration options, assist administrators in streamlining their virtualized environment patching process. In this course, you will learn how Update Manager automates patch management of vSphere hosts and virtual machines. You will also learn about the various administrative options that mitigate patching risk, and reduce VM downtime.

Target Audience

Virtualization and cloud administrators who install, configure, and manage vSphere installations



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Update Manager

  • describe the purpose of Update Manager in a vSphere 6 environment
  • Update Manager Installation

  • recognize criteria for an Update Manager installation on a Windows server
  • Update Manager Plugin

  • describe the purpose of the Update Manager plugin
  • Update Manager Interface

  • compare the different views of the Update Manager interface
  • Administrative View

  • recognize the capabilities of the Update Manager administrative and compliance views
  • Network Configuration Options

  • describe basic network configuration options within administrative view of Update Manager
  • Download Settings

  • recognize capabilities of the download settings configuration options within administrative view of Update Manager
  • Virtual Machine Settings

  • describe the importance of VM snapshots and recognize capabilities of the virtual machine settings within administrative view of Update Manager
  • ESXi Host Cluster Settings (Maintenance Mode)

  • describe the functionality of maintenance mode under ESXi host cluster settings
  • ESXi Host Cluster Settings (Cluster Settings)

  • recognize the importance of cluster settings for an ESXi host
  • ESXi Host Cluster Settings (XE Boot and vApp Settings)

  • describe XE boot and vApp settings under ESXi host cluster settings
  • Patch Repository

  • describe how the patch repository is used to maintain a vSphere 6 environment
  • Imported ESXi Images

  • describe how ESXi images are imported within Update Manager
  • vApp Upgrades

  • describe the functionality of the vApp upgrade settings within Update Manager
  • Events and Notifications

  • describe the functionality of events and notifications settings within Update Manager
  • Baselines (Part 1)

  • describe how baselines and groups help organize patches within vSphere 6
  • Baselines (Part 2)

  • use baselines and groups to apply patches within a vSphere 6 environment
  • Attaching Baselines

  • recognize how to attach baselines to various objects within a vSphere 6 environment
  • Baseline Tips

  • list best practices for using baselines within a vSphere 6 environment
  • Groups and Scanning for Compliance

  • recognize the importance of baseline groups and scanning for compliance within vSphere 6 environment
  • Remediation

  • use Update Manager to remediate a vSphere 6 environment
  • Exercise: Update Manager and Administrative Options