VoIP Quality and Security

A range of established IT professionals with an understanding of networking technology who need to be familiar with VoIP technology.

A basic understanding of networking technologies and good computer literacy

Expected Duration
90 minutes

With the proliferation of VoIP in both the home and business environments, concerns such as quality of service and security are being given more attention. This course describes some of the major quality issues, such as delay and jitter, as well as security issues like confidentiality and spoofing, and discusses ways in which to address these concerns.


VoIP Quality of Service

  • recognize common VoIP QoS issues and their solutions
  • recognize network architecture and protocol solutions to VoIP QoS issues
  • recognize the compression techniques used in VoIP
  • Security in VoIP Networks

  • recognize security threats and security technologies
  • recognize how to secure VoIP networks and devices
  • recognize key elements in planning a security policy for a VoIP environment




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